The "why" behind STIWOOD: who are we?


Sinek provides a useful framework for his approach to leadership: the "Golden Circle". The center of the Golden Circle is WHY. The next concentric circle is HOW. And finally, the outermost circle is WHAT.

Every leader and company knows the WHAT. They know HOW they do WHAT they do. But few companies know or articulate their WHY: their purpose, their cause or their belief. The WHY is their reason for being.
“People don’t buy WHAT you do; they buy WHY you do it.”
It’s possible to apply the "Golden Circle" to any reality and that’s precisely what fascinates us. So, we’ve found it useful to apply it to our own company, STIWOOD.

Involving our trusted team, we decided to take a moment to think about our path from the very beginning and to make a newsletter that could be interesting for those who have supported us so far or wanted to know us better.
A bit of history

STIWOOD is part of 
TWINSNETWORK, a group of both Italian and foreign companies specialized in the furniture industry, commercially present in all world markets. Specifically, STIWOOD was born out of the idea of ​​including a wood components manufacturing to provide to existing customers within the group. As you already know, STIWOOD’s production has evolved in the years by proposing exclusive design & complete kits of chairs, armchairs, tables and sound-absorbing panels with the in-stock ready products formula. To date, our markets are mainly foreign: Europe, USA, Australia, Africa and Middle East.

Our values

We know pretty well that the values ​​of a company are fundamental for its identity and differentiation. What about us? We enjoy working in a relaxed, stimulating and competitive (in a good way) workplace where courtesy, helpfulness and respect for people represent the basis for a successful work. We like to work together, as a team, in order to creare products and services able to satisfy our clients.
Our strenghts

What makes us special?
  • - We like to think we’re a little bit unique: we have "industrialized" a particular type of production that’s usually artisanal and on demand.
    - We always keep our eyes open on the market’s evolutions: we look at what’s going on in our competitors’ companies and try to offer new, different and original solutions.
    - We think first of all about versatility and functionality: we offer high-quality products easily usable in different environments and versatile configuration options.