6 tips to create a happy and healthy workspace!


What makes the difference between a good workplace and a terrible one? It’s not always management, staff, or the tasks and roles, but often the difference can be the actual environment itself. If you're looking at your workspace and feeling like it’s time for a change, start by following these steps for creating a healthy environment.

6 tips for an eco-friendly interior design makeover!


Home or workspace designing is not merely on aesthetics but it also includes the proper usage and choice of items and materials to be used. Designing a space with the environment and the people's well-being in mind is called sustainable designing.

We make the circular economy a reality.


Here at STIWOOD we mostly produce wood design pieces that are made to be as durable as possible so that they can be reused many times. Needing little more than sunlight and rainfall to grow, producing wood requires significantly less energy than any other material. So, wood is the chosen material for the circular economy.

Earth and water come together into a new SOUNDLINE collection: FOREST OCEAN.


FOREST, our tree-shaped sound absorbing panel, is now available in Sealife fabric, made from SEAQUAL® YARN certified recycled polyester, containing upcycled marine plastic.

4 ways to use BRIDGE unpholstered chair.


BRIDGE chair in its upholstered version is a great piece of furniture: it adds a lot of color but is versatile enough to use all throughout the rooms, both private and social.

Breaking news: BRIDGE is now even softer thanks to its upholstered seat!


In expanding the range of BRIDGE collection, we’ve introduced an interesting news: this ergonomic chair is now available with an upholstered seat; the perfect solution for those environments where relax, comfort and elegance flow effortlessly.

Make yourself comfortable, in style: happy to present our new armchair line LILLY!


Entirely upholstered seat and different frame options: thanks to its different versions designed for every taste and need, LILLY is the ideal solution for formal peaceful settings such as a contract space, a hotel lobby or room or a waiting area. Full of strength and determination, it is sure to impress.

A versatile stool for a versatile space: TOMMY is our brand-new stool.


TOMMY is much more than just a stool. It has been designed with versatility, mobility and social distancing in mind. Available in three different heights and multiple colors and finishes - so it can suit a variety of uses, from dining tables to work desks - this easy-to-move stool is as functional as it is unique.

The MISS chair family grows wider: let us introduce you MISS L!


Larger version of the MISS chair, MISS L has a more comfortable and wider shape (of 5 cm width) than the original chair and, for this reason, is well suited to a greater number of uses and settings.

FOREST acoustic panels, by SOUNDLINE collection.


FOREST panels are characterized by the warmth of oak wood and are available in different colors and configurations. They can be attached to walls or ceilings, suspended on cables or placed on the floor with a self-supporting structure. They boast a 100% Trevira CS polyester jacquard fabric, resistant to loss of color, disinfectable and sanitizable.

ECHO acoustic panels, by SOUNDLINE collection.


ECHO absorbers are unique for their playful character and sound absorption efficiency. A graphic & two-sided acoustic solution that promote a more relaxed atmosphere almost anywhere: schools, offices, libraries, lobbies, shopping centers, bars & restaurants and so on.

Cool furniture that not only looks good but is kind to the planet too.


At STIWOOD, we are serious about providing high quality sustainable furniture to the contract market place. We develop long-lasting products that minimise our environmental impact respecting the relationship between nature and humans.

Wood: STIWOOD chooses the environmentally-friendly material par excellence.


The wood we use is of European origin and from legal and sustainable sources under EUTR - European Union Timber Regulation. Our wood products are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified and came from well-managed forests. By certifying our supply chain and production processes, we want to send a powerful message about our commitment to sustainable forestry product sourcing.

Planning like a designer: STIWOOD design process.


Design's not only about style but rather a matter of method: it requires a process that involves lots of people with many different skills and backgrounds. For us at STIWOOD giving ideas a shape is everytime a challenging but exciting process.

The "why" behind STIWOOD: who are we?


Simon Sinek, one of the most appreciated writers and anthropologists in advertising, believes that starting with WHY is the secret (well, that’s no longer a secret) of successful brands. Just around the concept of "Start with Why", Sinek has built his career: his TEDTalk on this subject is one of the most popular videos of all time and his book "Start with why. How great leaders inspire everyone to take action" has sold millions of copies.