6 tips to create a happy and healthy workspace!



What makes the difference between a good workplace and a terrible one? It’s not always management, staff, or the tasks and roles, but often the difference can be the actual environment itself.

If you're looking at your workspace and feeling like it’s time for a change, start by following these steps for creating a healthy environment.

1. Find the right noise-reducing solution with can help prevent tiredness and stress.
Studies show that noise is the number one problem to working effectively: higher noise sensitivity is associated with more negative ratings of acoustical quality, more perceived disturbance by speech and more difficulties in concentration. So, acoustic comfort is a key factor that helps people concentrate when working (or studying).

So, bring in sound absorbing materials without sacrificing design! There are a few surprising and stylish products that can be installed to reduce sound.

You should know us and our SOUNDLINE collection well: while reducing noises, our acoustic panels - FOREST and ECHO - decorate with style adding a really cool touch of class. They are colorful, durable and easy to self install.

2. Improve the lightning conditions for a more productive, comfortable workspace.
Studies have shown that workers exposed to daylight in the office are healthier, happier and have better sleep patterns than their co-workers who are more sunlight deprived.

If your workspace has no big windows and available natural light, you can try to achieve the same benefits by choosing the right office lighting solutionLEDs are the longest lasting option on the market, use much less energy (so they're good for the planet) and also come in a variety of cool lighting models such as tubes, bulbs, rope lighting, and more.

Discover our acoustic and LED lighting solutions: these products' name are FOREST Cloud and ECHO Cloud.

3. Provide furniture that encourages good posture for long periods of sitting.
By providing different environmental settings that encourage people to sit, stand, and move throughout their day is a must in any modern-day office. Simply having a chair that supports good posture and conserve energy is just the first step to a healthy workspace; next, you need to get the employees up and moving. 

Also, COVID-19 has changed the way workspaces are used, and a new, dynamic workplace is emerging for the future. For this reason you should introduce active seating solutions designed to encourage movement in the office, both perfect for a moment of privacy and relaxation or a team working session.

An example? Our TOMMY stool with casters takes passive spaces and make them active: when people can move around, they’re more interactive, collaborative and engaged.

4. Stop using hard, artificial materials and opt for soft, natural materials.
It's so important to bring the outdoors to your indoor workspace. Also, design pieces that features natural materials positively impact health, performance and concentration.

In a workplace, natural materials can be easy to care for, naturally fire retardant, and provide employees with a connection to nature. For example, bringing wood into your interiors and choosing soft and natural unpholstery fabrics for your furniture is one of the best things you can do.

5. Keep the spirits up by choosing bright and energetic colors.
The right workspace colors boost productivity and enhance creativity and bright ones can really make a room sparkle and pop with energy. The best solution for offices is not one color but a selection of them to create different areas for different activities.

An example? An orange corner for talking and brainstorming, a yellow space for creativity, and a blue for those moments where people need to work hard and deliver.

This process involves not only walls and floors, but also and above all tables and work-desks, chairs and armchairs, stools and lamps...

6. Make work fulfilling.
Lastly but not less importantly, in order for team members to feel good about the work they are producing, they need to fully understand the company’s mission and purpose.

When employees see the inner-workings of the organization from all angles and perspectives, they feel better connected to the business and therefore more committed to making it a success.

We spend like one-third of our lives at work.

When people spend as much time as they do at work, like one-third of their lives, it should be a place that is about more than a paycheck. As we said, it should be happy and it should be healthy.