How we work


Our art is to bring your ideas to life in the curving of wood.

Our collaborators help us develop your impressions and feelings and our close collaboration with designers and expert die-cutters enables us to give you the best possible support.

Starting from your idea, we create the prototype and the die, after which we proceed to the pre-series production phase: the curve takes shape, the shape of your sensations.

Our expert hands only process extremely high-quality materials. Beech, poplar, birch, oak sliced veneer and veneered plywood, zebrano, maple, cherry – these are but a few of the quality woods that take on the shape of your designs, in our and your company: STIWOOD. And if laminate is required in various colours, STIWOOD helps colour it.

Our world is the world of the chair, but we do not lose sight of the other furnishing elements that add to the decor: coffee tables, desks and tables, armchairs and stools, sound-absorbing panels and much more...

STIWOOD prepares your products for upholstering in leather, it smooths them for painting and, when required, it paints them in the desired colours.

STIWOOD elaborates your sensations to give you the thrill that only a Stiwood product can give.