We make the circular economy a reality.


We make the circular economy a reality.

We are using more resources than the planet can provide and our future depends on reusing what we have in a sustainable way. Fortunately one resource that is unlimited is innovation, and many companies like ours are following a circular economy pathway and have begun to offer products that support this transition.

Here at STIWOOD we mostly produce wood design pieces that are made to be as durable as possible so that they can be reused many times.

Needing little more than sunlight and rainfall to grow, producing wood requires significantly less energy than any other material. So, wood is the chosen material for the circular economy.

Wood is good.

The wood we use:

comes from legal and sustainable sources under EUTR - European Union Timber Regulation;
- is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified and comes from forests of controlled felling that are regularly reforested, thus favouring that our forests remain alive;
can be recycled and reused several times, for example for further wood productions or other industrial applications;
- at the end of its life, being an organic material, can naturally regenerate thus planting new trees.

Our environment-oriented synergies.

The circular economy is based on the use of resources: a system that attempts to reduce both the use of raw materials and the generation of waste.

Making more from less is part of our work method and we always use resources efficiently.

In our production process all the wood waste generated is collected directly by machines and taken into a mil for maceration; in this way, the wood chips can be fully reused in other projects (for example, as fuel for technological systems, such as the electrical power production).

In addition, our wood products are all designed with their disassembly and re-purposing in mind. When they reach the end of their life, their materials can continue to be part of the economy, for example giving life to another piece of furniture. 

Discover our sustainable furniture!

Acoustic panels and sound-absorbing stools that improve the acoustic while adding a really cool touch of class.

Different chairs for different spaces, available in different sizes, types and colors to meet any requirement.

Cool and comfortable armchairs characterized by versatility, eco-sustainability and refinement.

Tables, side and coffee tables with a clean, minimal but strong shape.

Stools for shared workspaces, multi-use areas and as extra seating when needed.