Make yourself comfortable, in style: happy to present our new armchair line LILLY!


Make yourself comfortable, in style.

A good armchair provides effortless style and can make any room appear aesthetically beautiful and attractive. That’s what fascinates us. In this regard, our SOFT collection - that includes both modern and classic armchairs - showcase fine craftsmanship and elegant simplicity.

We’ve been researching new armchairs features and functionalities to introduce lately. Clear-lines and wingback silhouettes, metal and wooden structures, eclectic personalities and simple presences, dark colors and soft ones: designing a brand-new armchair isn’t so easy.

There are endless possibilities and choosing the perfect features for - what should be - the perfect design piece is thrilling, challenging, beautiful.

Happy to present our new armchair line LILLY!

Here we are! We can finally show you the utimate result of our continuous design research (because, you know, designing is a never ending process). Its name is LILLY and is a brand-new armchair by STIWOOD that breathes elegance.

Entirely upholstered seat and different frame options: thanks to its different versions designed for every taste and need, LILLY is the ideal solution for formal peaceful settings such as a contract space, a hotel lobby or room or a waiting area. Full of strength and determination, it is sure to impress.

Our latest icon of modernity LILLY features various bases - including a 4-legged or rocking metal frame and a skid frame, all chrome plated or black painted, but also a four-star aluminium base and so on - and a comfortable seat shell you can choose in one or two colors to make it more playful.

As a high-back lounge armchair with charming curves and generous dimensions, LILLY definitely add a tailored touch to any modern interior design.

LILLY comes in different combinations.

Aside from getting to pick the right upholstery, you also get to customise LILLY's base. Depending on the setting, you can choose between a metal frame, that is chrome plated or black painted, and a ash wood base, available in four different finishings (bleached, oak, walnut and black lacquered).

Handsomely crafted from wood or metal, LILLY is definitely a great armchair that creates an atmosphere to think, heal, learn and live
. It acts as a focal point in any room you decide to place it, be it your office, lounge area or hotel lobby.

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