FOREST acoustic panels, by SOUNDLINE collection.


SOUNDLINE collection's reason is personal wellness.

Homes, offices, shops, restaurants, museums, medical and sport centers, hotels. What have these places in common? They are all populated by people and objects that emit sounds of various kinds: a conversation between two people, a ringing telephone, the noise of keyboards and mouses, the glasses klinking, the background music. 

The echoes and reverberations reduction has assumed an increasingly important role in improving people’s quality of life in the last few years.
And it’s precisely the personal wellness that represents SOUNDLINE collection’s reason why.

Our panels are sound absorbers in the first place, but also a way of organising the space, a rhythmic and chromatic unit. They improve the acoustic while adding a really cool touch of class. So, in short: useful and functional design objects.

A focus on FOREST acoustic panels.

FOREST panels are characterized by the warmth of oak wood and are available in different colors and configurations.

They can be attached to walls or ceilings, suspended on cables or placed on the floor with a self-supporting structure.

> FOREST FREE-STANDING: the acoustic dividers are movable, modular, easy to set up and use. Simply perfect for separating areas in just about any space.

> FOREST CLOUD: thanks to the wooden supports, the panels are suspended above tables and desks dampening the sound waves that bounce off the ceiling. FOREST CLOUD offers also the opportunity to add an efficient LED lighting system to guarantee the proper distribution of light.

> FOREST WALL: the wooden supports which suspend FOREST panels also have the predisposition to be hooked to walls. The panels thus mounted create a wall covering with an unmistakable design and optimal acoustic qualities.

It was the natural shapes that inspired us on the creation of our sound absorbing panels. In particular, FOREST panel has been inspired by the traditional tree shapes and leaves colors in spring, summer and autumn. When placed close to each other, the panels ideally form a wood, a forest.

Elegance shapes, practicality of the dividing function, optimal sound absorption (class A): three characteristics that make FOREST a unique product.

They boast a 100% Trevira CS polyester jacquard fabric, resistant to loss of color, disinfectable and sanitizable.

Above all, our sound absorbing panels are totally recyclable (also both the internal padding and the carefully selected wood can be reused).

Our panels are the ideal solution for contemporary spaces of all kinds.

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