6 tips to create a happy and healthy workspace!


What makes the difference between a good workplace and a terrible one? It’s not always management, staff, or the tasks and roles, but often the difference can be the actual environment itself. If you're looking at your workspace and feeling like it’s time for a change, start by following these steps for creating a healthy environment.

6 tips for an eco-friendly interior design makeover!


Home or workspace designing is not merely on aesthetics but it also includes the proper usage and choice of items and materials to be used. Designing a space with the environment and the people's well-being in mind is called sustainable designing.

We make the circular economy a reality.


Here at STIWOOD we mostly produce wood design pieces that are made to be as durable as possible so that they can be reused many times. Needing little more than sunlight and rainfall to grow, producing wood requires significantly less energy than any other material. So, wood is the chosen material for the circular economy.