A versatile stool for a versatile space: TOMMY is our brand-new stool.


A versatile stool for a versatile space.

When compared to bold and ergonomic desk chairs, stools are not the first thought when it comes to options for sitting in the office. But every type of seating has a place in the workplace, and that includes stools.

Our new products - including the modern stool we’re presenting in this newsletter - reflect the new concept of collaborative space, that is an open working environment with an interior design that mixes the traditional world of workspace and home.

For example, the same office room can serve to work individually and at the same time to organize an informal meeting.

Furniture that allows versatility is necessary in the modern world. By offering some support and comfort but not the complete relaxation of a desk chair, stools are ideal for shared workspacesmulti-use areas and as extra seating when needed.

Introducing TOMMY: our brand-new stool.

Here comes TOMMY, that is much more than just a stool. It has been designed with versatility, mobility and social distancing in mind. Available in three different heights and multiple colors and finishes - so it can suit a variety of uses, from dining tables to work desks - this easy-to-move stool is as functional as it is unique.

TOMMY has an upholstered soft seat, a four-legged white or chrome frame available with plastic glides or casters and a useful tablet arm that stands out for its minimal and technical design.

This brand-new rolling stool is simply perfect for employees that are often transitioning from sitting to standing and need the ability to move quickly from one task to another.

TOMMY's different uses.

Allowing flexible movements, TOMMY has been designed to define areas of relaxationconcentration for brain storming, having informal team working sessions or meetings. But that’s not all. This both stylish and comfortable seating solution also makes a stunning addition to schoolscolleges and student common areas as well as libraries and book stores - all places where learning experiences happen.

Discover TOMMY’s gentle shapes and different versions on our website. Click HERE!