Cool furniture that not only looks good but is kind to the planet too.


Cool furniture that not only looks good but is kind to the planet too.

At STIWOOD, we are serious about providing high quality sustainable furniture to the contract market place. We develop long-lasting products that minimise our environmental impact respecting the relationship between nature and humans.

The majority of our wooden furniture is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified. The FSC certification illustrates that the wood sourced for the furniture is from sustainable forests: forests are well-managed, trees are replanted and biodiversity is protected.

Certified products are your assurance that STIWOOD’s wooden furniture has been produced in a socially, economically and environmentally responsible way.

Wood and metal: a perfect pairing.

Manufactured in Italy, our tables, chairs, armchairs, stools and sound absorbing panels are designed to last. We think the most sustainable thing for a manufacturer is to make products that people buy once and cherish for their lifetime. Don’t you agree?

That’s why also the metal we use for our frames and bases is partially recycled - it contains at least 30% post-consumer or post-industrials recycled materials - and of course highly recyclable when no more useful, without damaging the environment.

Wood and metal are the core "natural" elements of the circular economy: a proper use facilitates their recovery process and ensures an easy reintegration into the market when no longer in use. In order to facilitate this process, our design technique gives life to functional products that are easy to disassemble for a quick maintenance and repair as well as for an appropriate recovery and reuse.