ECHO acoustic panels, by SOUNDLINE collection.


Acoustic comfort, with a touch of class: SOUNDLINE Collection.

SOUNDLINE, a STIWOOD’s collection, develops high-quality sound absorbing panels for contemporary spaces.

Elegant in shape with attention to details and environment. SOUNDLINE is a Class A range of sound absorbing panels which are available in different sizes, types, and colors to meet any requirement. Their function is to reduce sound reverberation while adding a really cool touch of class.

The need to reduce echoes generated by speech and other sounds has become more and more important in recent years.

Interior designers have understood how acoustic comfort is a key factor in helping to improve people’s quality of life: it helps you concentrate when you are working or studying; in places where people meet and socialize, it reduces reverberations and clarify speech. In short, the clarity of sound always gives a sense of wellbeing and relaxation.

A focus on ECHO acoustic panels.

ECHO absorbers are unique for their playful character and sound absorption efficiency. A graphic & two-sided acoustic solution that promote a more relaxed atmosphere almost anywhere: schools, offices, libraries, lobbies, shopping centers, bars & restaurants and so on.

Finding the most suitable acoustic solution can be challenging. We know that. For this reason ECHO comes in various shapes and finishing and can be combined endlessly to create the visual and acoustic effect you need.

When you have to decide where to apply a sound absorbing system you need to ask yourself “am I dealing with a small or a big space?”. For example:
- wall-mounted acoustic panels are the ideal solution for smaller rooms where sound waves typically bounce against the walls;
- or, horizontal ceiling-suspended acoustic panels can improve the sound of larger spaces absorbing undesired sound waves.

ECHO's different versions.

ECHO panels are available in different sizes, types and colors to meet any requirement.

> ECHO WALL: in their basic solution, the panels are attached to walls where they decorate and improve acoustic comfort at the same time. With just a little imagination they remind the shape of a flower or the waves of the sea.

> ECHO CEILING: here the panels are attached to the ceiling, also with special spacers to create a 3D decorative effect while increasing sound absorption.

> ECHO CLOUD: combined with the naturalness of the horizontal wooden supports and the lightness of the steel arms, a sound absorbing system floating in the air like a cloud. It also offers the opportunity to add an efficient LED lighting system which is CE electrical certificated to guarantee the proper and safe distribution of light.

> ECHO TREE & ECHO PALM: where the panels become the crown of a tree or the leaves of a palm creating a real oasis of acoustic comfort. Their preferred locations are lounges or relaxation areas as well as work stations and small meeting rooms.

All versions are eco-friendly & recyclable, characterized by a 100% Trevira CS polyester jacquard fabric and at the same time super sturdy and light.

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