Breaking news: BRIDGE is now even softer thanks to its upholstered seat!


Why do we love to design chairs?

The chair is the piece of furniture that most symbolises design. It’s also a perfect storyteller: we use it not just to sit on, but as a tool for meeting and telling stories.

It should be at the same time solid and stableelegant and efficientsimple and sophisticated. That’s why we use to say that there's a big difference between simply sitting and sitting in style. And also that’s why we are in a constant search for product innovation to promote well-being, respect the environment and improve work spaces.

Breaking news: BRIDGE is now even softer!

First things first.

In expanding the range of BRIDGE collection, we’ve introduced an interesting news: this ergonomic chair is now available with an upholstered seat; the perfect solution for those environments where relax, comfort and elegance flow effortlessly.

The soft upholstered seat makes BRIDGE even more versatile: the possible customization options increase as well as the ease with which this both minimal and sophisticated chair adapts to the most disparate spaces. It thus becomes easier to coordinate BRIDGE with the surroundings prevailing colors: in addition to choosing the backrest and frame’s material, it is now possible to customize the upholstery fabric.

Now let’s quickly refresh our memory on BRIDGE’s main characteristics.

Keywords when talking about BRIDGE are:
- unique and evergreen design: BRIDGE is a comfortable chair with an exclusive Nordic and minimal design;
- multifunctionality: BRIDGE is suitable for a wide range of uses from contract, meeting, waiting and conference spaces to welcoming and hospitality environments such as bars and restaurants;
- noble and sustainable materials: BRIDGE’s wooden parts are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified and come from well-managed forests in order to preserve and conserve the natural heritage.

BRIDGE's ash wood shell is available in 4 different finishings: bleached, oak, walnut and black lacquered. The 4-legged frame can be chosen in multilayered ash wood to match the seat or in the chrome and black painted steel version. The metal frame BRIDGE's version is stackable up to 4 chairs.

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