The MISS chair family grows wider: let us introduce you MISS L!


There's a big difference between simply sitting and sitting in style.

“A chair is a very difficult object. There are endless possibilities and many problems: a chair has to be light, it has to be strong, it has to be comfortable. It is almost easier to build a skyscraper.”

This is a famous architect Mies van der Rohe’s quote from a February 1957 Time article and we cannot but agree on this.

If you know us well, you know that wood is the backbone of our brand; the wood type we use for our chairs is ash-wood (available in 4 different finishings: bleached, oak, walnut and black lacquered). In addition to wood, however, we also like aluminium and steel, particularly ductile, light and resistant materials.

The MISS chair family grows wider: let us introduce you MISS L!

Wood, aluminum and steel are the materials we’ve chosen for the legs of MISS (the one you can see in the image above), already available in the CHAIR catalog, and for those of the new MISS L version.

Larger version of the MISS chair, MISS L has a more comfortable and wider shape (of 5 cm width) than the original chair and, for this reason, is well suited to a greater number of uses and settings.

In line with the market needs, MISS L is also perfect for smart working: the fluidity of the home work stations starts from a good table (click 
HERE to discover our PLAIN tables, the most suitable for home office situations) and ends up in a comfortable and ergonomic chair (and MISS L was designed with this in mind).

An interesting innovation: MISS L is now available in the new four-legged wooden frame with casters version.

In expanding the range of MISS chairs, we’ve introduced an interesting innovation in the CHAIR collection: MISS L, in fact, is available in the new four-legged wooden frame with casters versionEN-16139 tested, becoming the perfect piece of furniture for both the home studio and the living room, as well as for meeting tables or as simple and innovative visitor chair.

In addition to the frame we told you about, you can choose MISS L in the following different configurationsfour-spoke aluminium base, four-spoke pyramidal aluminum or wooden base, five-spoke aluminium base with casters, sled steel base and four wooden legs. Regardless of the frame, MISS L is available with or without armrests, that can be upholstered as well as the seat shell.

Well, the possible customisations are endless.

Find out more about MISS L by clicking HERE!