4 ways to use BRIDGE unpholstered chair.


BRIDGE: a great way to add a new silhouette, style reference or color to any room.

There are lots of pieces of furniture to consider when decorating, for example, a house, a restaurant or a bar… but the chair is one of the most fun and flexible design decisions you will make.

We love furniture that is versatile and can be used in multiple environments. BRIDGE chair in its upholstered version is a great piece of furniture in this regard: it adds a lot of color but is versatile enough to use all throughout the rooms, both private and social.

So, we’ve asked our designers to list some of the different ways they incorporate BRIDGE chair in their projects so you can use them in your spaces too!

Think small, versatile and easily mobile!


BRIDGE makes a great seating option in a modern dining room where it creates a completely unique dining experience. If space is a scarce resource around home, this small and lightweight chair is a good option. Just a note: we recommend stain-resistant upholstery for this specific use.

BRIDGE doesn’t take up as much visual or physical space as other types of chairs and still provide a comfy and cool place to sit. That’s why it’s a great solution for minimal chic restaurants. Also, BRIDGE’s upholstered seat is designed for medium-long uses, so it’s great for long and relaxing dinners.

BRIDGE, even in its nude version without upholstery, is the perfect choice for a casual, relaxed and convivial bar thanks to its simple form with a stylish, elegant appeal. In addition, this minimalist design fits perfect in a bar because it’s easy to move if needed.

And last but not least, BRIDGE is an elegant option for a modern lounge bar offering a really comfortable cushion to sit on and adding a touch of class.

BRIDGE represents a comfortable, versatile and lightweight seating solution that definitely offers a variety of styles and works in a wide range of settings.

Take a look at what’s available now on our website and see which BRIDGE’s version you like best!